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If you are preparing an Audi 2.5ltr turbo engine for upgrades and refreshing, this engine stand adapter makes life much easier when in assembly. Plate mounts to firewall side of engine. 

With 8 positions for clocking, this will keep your knees and back in good shape while you assemble the new 2.5ltr monster. 


This design gives access to main caps while mounted. 


Lock pin sits ~9" from mounting plate.  Fits 2.375" accepting engine stand dowel.

Cut for .75" diameter prybar, and .5" holding pin.


Each item is TIG welded and tested in a hydraulic press to 6 tons.


Includes 2x M8, 1x M10 bolt, and brass shims to save damage to knock sensor mounting surface.   


Comes powdercoated black.


To purchase out of the USA,  check out St. Charles Garage. 



Audi 2.5ltr Turbo engine stand adapter.

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