Audi A4 Aluminum rad support can help make space for larger intercoolers while also lightening the front end.  Eliminates OE boost tube across frame stubs.  Keeps OE light mounting points.  All 5052 Aluminum, and TIG welded. Choose from options to the right to select the best setup for your project. 

We also offer a design for those longer engines like the 07K and VR6. 


Our 07K design leaves .8"-1" space between front of crank face and inside of rad support. This allows for some access to the idler pulleys and belt. (some crank designs for 07K are different, your spacing may differ from what we measure. 


Our VR6 design leaves roughly .35" gap between the crank face and the inside of the rad support. 

Audi A4 Aluminum Rad Support

A4 Chassis Generation
Engine type
Hood latch type

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