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Here's the deal.

I hope to make this hamster wheel turn t

Race3 is a place for a real enthusiast to source higher end motorsport components.  If you are looking for a quick overnight shipping solution to fix your go fast needs, this is not the place. 


Hand made items along with in house development take time, its best to let us concentrate on it and deliver a quality product. Race3 depends on a few suppliers to aid in material delivery, some CNC services, and component finishing.  Juggling estimated deadlines vs supplier results can many times conflict.  Consider these small business hurdles before losing your shit on social media and pressing the chargeback button on a hand made item.  We aren't delivering transplant organs.  This website is full of wants - not needs.  Most enthusiasts aren't racing for a living.  

In the end Race3 is proud of what we offer and we want you to feel great about our product on your car,  its a great feeling when everyone is smiling when you roll up. 



Return Policy:

Orders/sales/payments towards handmade product are final (sales final). This includes all direct fit items with any welded components and their associated fitting items in the order/invoice, shipped or not shipped.  The terms outlined extend without exception to private label or sourced items specific to the customers request, shipped or not shipped. All other items outside of these terms are 10 day return policy.

Turbochargers are not refundable. 




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