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TTRS build out of O-Star Motosports in Florida

G40-1150 turbo on a Race3 turbo system & intercooler. Priority wastegate manifold, 3.5" downpipe. Manifold design can be seen here

Kit initially made 1020HP on 42Psi as of late june 2023, car is now running 47psi (DS1) 


Roll racing Down under
G35-1050 kit RHD TTRS 905WHP - Defeated once from a 1200hp supra

SUV with 1000hp 6cyl Barra Motor 

Audi TTRS featured on Hoonigan This vs that- RAce3 turbo kit. G35-1050 82AR 
DS1 Tune.

PART DEuX- Audi TTRS featured on Hoonigan -  This vs that- RAce3 turbo kit. G35-1050 82AR 
DS1 Tune.

Audi Rs3 dyno Pull- 760WHP

RAce3 turbo kit. GTX3582R 33psi

Custom code tune.


Audi TTRS 979whp 787WTQ - Dyno sheet
RAce3 Turbo kit G35-1050 48psi - 2019

< Dragy Video  TTRS RACe3 kit & eurocharged tune. Street tires, 1020wHP 42psi G35-1050 Sept 2021


DRagy G35-1050 2019 

@1stockF30 warming up after a DS1 tune. 
install at A2B motorsport
Race3 RR G35-1050 kit
4.5" Race3 intercooler.

beadle dragy.jpg

@1stockF30 Best time on Race3 G35-1050 kit. unprepped

ghazi dragy.jpg
Ghazi twin gate.jpg

twenty 2 Motorsports Kuwait (HOT)   Rs3 Race3 G35-1050 kit. twin MVR gate - 920whp

Patrick fortin G30.jpg
Patrick dyno G30 Park auto tune.jpg

Patrick Fortin - RACE3 G30-900 RR kit 711WHP
RAce3 1000HP Intercooler
Park Auto/Etuners tune
Mike Rombotis install. 

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