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Roll racing Down under
G35-1050 kit RHD TTRS 905WHP - Defeated once from a 1200hp supra

SUV with 1000hp 6cyl Barra Motor 

Audi TTRS featured on Hoonigan This vs that- RAce3 turbo kit. G35-1050 82AR 
DS1 Tune.

PART DEuX- Audi TTRS featured on Hoonigan -  This vs that- RAce3 turbo kit. G35-1050 82AR 
DS1 Tune.

Audi Rs3 dyno Pull- 760WHP

RAce3 turbo kit. GTX3582R 33psi

Custom code tune.


Audi TTRS 979whp 787WTQ - Dyno sheet
RAce3 Turbo kit G35-1050 48psi - 2019

< Dragy Video  TTRS RACe3 kit & eurocharged tune. Street tires, 1020wHP 42psi G35-1050 Sept 2021


DRagy G35-1050 2019 

@1stockF30 warming up after a DS1 tune. 
install at A2B motorsport
Race3 RR G35-1050 kit
4.5" Race3 intercooler.

beadle dragy.jpg

@1stockF30 Best time on Race3 G35-1050 kit. unprepped

ghazi dragy.jpg
Patrick fortin G30.jpg
Ghazi twin gate.jpg

twenty 2 Motorsports Kuwait (HOT)   Rs3 Race3 G35-1050 kit. twin MVR gate - 920whp

Patrick dyno G30 Park auto tune.jpg

Patrick Fortin - RACE3 G30-900 RR kit 711WHP
RAce3 1000HP Intercooler
Park Auto/Etuners tune
Mike Rombotis install. 

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