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Our 07K transverse turbo manifold, made very similar to our RS3/TTRS design. This item is  a bottom mount configuration to keep the COG low with IC pipe and downpipe routed again similar to the RS3/TTRS configuration.  Fits MK5 MK6 MK7 GOLF MQB chassis.  RHD compatible


This turbo positon works best with turbos of:

Garrett GTX and G-series medium frame 

Borgwarner  Medium frame

Precision medum frame

Xona medium frame 

EFR medium frame w/ ex wg. 


1.75" OD, 2mm tube wall, cast collector. Can be made to fit many turbo and wastegate options.  


All tubing is 321SS, head flange is 1/2" thick steel HRPO. 


Downpipe add on inlcudes recirculating WG. 

07K transverse full frame turbo manifold 321SS

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