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The wait is over as the new 8Y RS3 has finally hit the pavement. In response Race3 has released its front mount intercooler option for the new generation sedan. Much like the the previous generation car, Race3 is offering a sheet metal end tank design with top shelf welding and fitment. Comes with mounts for OE like installation.


23.7"x12"x3.8" and 24"x12"x3" core size available.

End tanks sport 2.7" OE tube size.

Fits behind US and European/Australian OE crashbar.


This intercooler has 25% more charge air flow capacity over a 6mm charge air passage core of the same overall size. Race3 will always use a Garrett core for this design.


Skinny rebar design for 8Y releasing mid September 2022

This item is made to order. Generally a 4-5 business day lead time.

2022 8Y RS3 Intercooler.

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