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A great intake solution for daily driven full frame and stage 2 cars with IE cast 4" intake.  Easily remove the filter for increased flow at the track with the use of a 7" velocity stack. Stack remains in place when filter is installed for the best possible flow with the 9" diameter filter.   All of which sits on the OE filter box mounting points for great stability, while putting no stress on silicone couplers. 

This kit has supported power levels above 900hp. 


Take a peek at our videos page for the performance behind these parts!


The 4" aluminum intake kit is a long lasting intake solution for the high performance 5cyl MQB chassis. Many carbon offerings on the market will not endure the extra radiant heat that stage 2 and full frame kits output. The carbon will separate from improperly spec'd resin in the design and possibly get ingested by the turbo.  


We also offer a aluminum replacement pipe for inbetween OE Eventuri V3 and OE IE carbon air boxes. Contact us for more info





Audi 2.5ltr 4" intake kit w/ filter

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