After much demand we are now offering a lite version of our Audi A4 Aluminum rad support.  We offer all the same features of the OE item, but to help make more space again we have released the center section of any material for easy 07K and VR6 fittment.    This design also eliminates  the OE boost tube across frame stubs, but will keep the front snub if desired for 1.8 and 2.7t owners.   It keeps OE light and radiator mounting points. 


All made from 5052 Aluminum, and TIG welded. Choose from options to the right to select the best setup for your project.  VR6 version not available with hood latch. 07K swaps and OE hood latch are only compatible on B6 and B7 A4 chassis.   The hood latch on a B6 and B7 model sit further forward compared to a B5, 


B6 designs will require you transfer your hood stop and lower head light support bracket to the new rad support.  


B7 designs will require transfer of your upper bumper attachment brackets to the new rad support. 


B6/B7 design retains OE power steering cooler mounting point. 


Trimming may be required for some twin cooled 2.7T setups. 


Contact us for additional radiator/fan/IC combos.



Audi A4 Aluminum Rad Support - Lite