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The DAZA equipped TTRS and RS3 have become a hot chassis to modify to seek straight line power. With the market competition growing, we are now offering solutions to help customers acheive beyond 1000whp with Garrett G40 and G42-1200C turbos, This configuartion will also fit PT6870 and similar chassis turbos from Precision. 


Take a peek at our videos page for the performance behind these parts!


With careful planning and design, and huge credit to a 3D printed inconel 625 collector,  we have made the larger frame turbo fit with a 3.5" downpipe, no pie cuts or cheated bends, and options for 4.5" or 5" intakes.  Modern manufacturing technology has made fitting these turbos very possible.  Email us at for more information


Kit price does not include turbo/WG/IC 

Audi RS3/TTRS turbo kit. For Garrett G40 and G42-1200C

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