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All G42 variants are sold as a complete unit.


879779-5001S thru 879779-5006S corresponds with G42-1200, compact compressor housing.

879779-5007S thru 879779-5012S corresponds with G42-1200, normal compressor housing.

879779-50013S thru 879779-5018S corresponds with G42-1450.


Select from the pull down menu for turbine and A/R options, on the right.

Contact us for any guidance on the application of this turbo. 


Check out our fittings page for getting this turbo plumbed properly into your project car.


Visit our downloads page for flange dimensions and additional specifications.


If you need to change rotation spec and the menu does not show, refresh your screen by pressing F5



G42-1200 & G42-1450

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