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Fits Audi TTRS 2014+ or newer TTRS/RS3 with DAZA engine.


To see the potential of this kit in video - visit our video page.


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  • Kit can be made to regualr or reverse rotation Garrett turbos.
  • 321SS 2mm wall tubular turbo manifold, with cast collector, wastegate priority design for no possibility of boost creep. Accepts Tial or Turbosmart 44mm size.
  • 3" 304ss downpipe with interlocking braided flex bellow, connects to OE mid section exhaust
  • Downpipe includes recirculating dump tube feature.
  • 3.5" option downpipe available.
  • Specific turbo support included to ensure manifold longevity. 
  • Kit includes all required oil and water lines specific to Garrett Medium frame turbos
  • Lines include heat protective sleeve in high heat areas.
  • Kit inlcudes engine specific water and oil fittings required to plumb turbo system, older CEPA/CEPB iron block and DAZA are different. 
  • System includes specific aluminum 4" intake adapter and silicone couplers.  If car has previously installed carbon intake, we can adapt to remaining carbon air intake for  IE, Eventuri and APR
  • If kit is purchased with turbo, turbo will be pre-clocked and altered ready for install.  Otherwise customer will need to ship Garrett turbo to Race3 for modification and clocking. 
  • Hot side large IC pipe included, comes with silicone and clamps
  • Protective heat sheild included to protect connectors and rear facing sensors exposed to high heat.
  • Select in the options what wastegate and turbo detail to include.


Contact for further details. We can offer the kit to other popular turbo models upon request.


Intercooler can be added upon request.








Audi RS3/TTRS turbo kit. Garrett turbo specific

SKU: 37000
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