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Direct fit intercooler upgrade for 2017+ Audi RS3 5 cyl.  Designed for the best flow while using sheet metal end tanks. Comes with mounts for OE fit.


23.5"x12"x3.8" core size.  Welded end tanks with 2.7" OE tube size.  Cruise assist adapter bracket available, retains factory air temp sensor location. ACC sensor specific spacer supplied for RS3 and 1000hp core clearance. 


This intercooler has 25% more charge air flow capacity over a 6mm charge air passage core of the same overall size.  Race3 has always used a Garrett core for this design.


Check out our skinny rebar option here:

Skinny rebar allows much more airflow to the intercooler. 


This design can be used on the TTRS - however there will be trimming required to the upper diagonals of the rad support.    Ask about our 3.5" 900hp Garrett core TTRS kit.  It requires no trimming of the rad support. 


If you decide you purchase the shown intercooler for the TTRS and purchase a rebar.  Let us know the rebar is for a TTRS, as will supply it with slightly different mounting features.



RS3 TTRS MQB 1000hp intercooler.

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