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All the fittings needed to help plumb fluids from your iron block TTRS/RS3 to its new Garrett turbo. 

Contact us if you are unsure if your turbo will work with this setup. 


Kit includes

2x Titanium waterjacket fitings for Garrett turbo

2x oil drain fittings, one to block, one to turbo.

2x Banjo fittings, one -4 for oil feed, one -6 for coolant feed

1x coolant feed bulkhead fitting at block

1x -4 to 7/16-24  male male restrictor fitting.


This can work with CEPA, CEPB, CTSA, CZGA, CZGB engines.


TTRS RS3 iron block 5 cylinder turbo fitting kit - Garrett

SKU: 37011
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